The Twilight Zone Kanamit Cookbook Journal

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  • Here's your opportunity "To Serve Man."
  • Based on Rod Serling's enduring The Twilight Zone TV series.
  • Kanamit Cookbook contains 160 lined white pages.
  • Return to that unforgettable episode!
Here's your opportunity "To Serve Man." Measuring 8-inches tall x 5-inches wide and containing 160 lined white pages, this amazing Kanamit Cookbook based on Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone TV series will take any fan back to the unforgettable episode "To Serve Man" that brought us the Kanamit. The cardboard hardcovers feature series-specific artwork, front and back. The front cover is in Kanamit-ese, while the back cover spells it out: "To Serve Man." You're gonna want one of these!